Bio-Inspired Design Workshops

Learn what biomimicry means, the foundations of bio-inspired design, ideation techniques, and how to use it in your own projects. Several levels are available:

  • Basics of Biomimicry
  • Ideation Techniques
  • Example Projects
  • From Idea to Product
  • Agile Development
Bio Inspired Ideation
Team work


Stuck on a problem and looking for answers? Let’s find a solution together!

Consultation can take place in person or via phone or video. After we defined the scope of the partnership, we get started right away. After all, you want to see results and so do I.

Possible applications include:

  • Sustainability
  • Product development cycle
  • Clean energy
  • Efficiency

Ideation Sessions

Guided bio-inspired ideation sessions with your development team. We apply different techniques to help your team find solutions in nature and apply them to your problem.

Our goal is clear: Produce a number of ideas and actionable items that you can implement directly into your product development.

We are platform- and technology-agnostic and use whatever tools are needed to get the job done. No perfectionism, just results.

  • Biocards
  • Brainstorming
  • Prototyping
  • Biomimicry
  • Biomimetics
Team work
Engineering team

In-House Ideation & Design

Get an experienced biomimicry expert on your team on a day- or project basis. We work closely with your developers on solving the most pressing problems in your development process and can draw from a large pool of past ideas.

  • Ideation Sessions
  • Product Development
  • Idea Validation
  • Product Optimization
  • Sustainable Design

Agile & Scrum

Bio-inspired design does not require you to change your entire workflow. It works as an enhancement that increases the range of possible solution sources at your disposal.

We combine agile principles, Scrum, and other project management techniques and act as guides throughout your projects. We can be there at all times or only when you need us. 

Let’s design the future together!

Use Cases of Bio-Inspired Design

Biomimicry can be used anywhere, anytime, and in a variety of ways in your development chain. Possible applications and workshop topics:

  • Ideation
  • Product Development
  • Improvement of existing products
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Blueprint-studies
  • Research

Our workshops introduce bio-inspired design methodology to you and your project team. Together we set the focus and goals of our session and work towards them.