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Building efficient products is hard. Bio-Inspired design helps you find ideas in nature and turn them into successful tech. Sustainability already built it!

How it works

3 steps to better solutions

Bio-Inspired design takes ideas and concepts from nature and finds to improve your products or come up wth solutions. I'll show you how!

Detect problems

We look at your product and find optimization potential.

Get Inspired

Applicable techniques that make ideation a breeze.

Apply It

We turn your ideas into something your customers love.

It starts with great ideas

Bio-Inspired design generates countless new ideas how to solve humanity’s gravest problems

  • There is no limitation to field of application
  • Proven & tested techniques increase development speed
  • Exposure to nature increases creativity
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More energy-efficient products & Sustainable by Nature

Biomimicry is sustainable by nature and can improve existing solutions and new designs. This can save energy, overcome technological barriers, and increase revenue.

Learn Bio-Inspired Design

Case study

15% more efficient
10% Faster

Find out how Japan improved their entire highspeed train system by using bio-inspired design

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How i can help your projects

Learn Bio-Inspired Design

Seminars, and crash courses for teams

Find Ideas

Ideation workshops & develoment sessions

In-House Development

In-house development or consultations

Agile Development

Work more efficient by combining bio-inspiration & agile principles

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  • 5 years experience
  • Engineer & biomimicry expert
  • Multilingual educator
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