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Biomimicry fuels your creativity and lays the power of nature at your feet. We have the methodology, nature brings ideas and the rest is in your hands. Browse our resources and offers below!

What is biomimicry & bio-inspired design?

Biomimicry or bio-inspired design means taking inspiration from nature and turning it into something that we can use in a technical application.
You would be surprised to see what inventions have been created using this principle that we use in our daily life. Find out more here:
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Gecko feet from below.
Robotic and natural wasp in front of each other.

Inspired by Nature

Check out our blog and read up on everything biomimicry. Here you will find resources about bio-inspired products, methodology, examples and news from technology and business.
Whether you want to develop products, lead a more sustainable lifestyle, or incorporate biomimicry methods in your company, we got you covered.

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