Are you looking for biomimicry terms and abbreviations or don’t know what your developer is talking about?

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Here you will find a quick overview of the most important bio-inspired terminology, biomimicry terms, and abbreviations so you can join the discussion!

Agile – A set of holistic principles focusing on rapid and structured development in incremental steps.

Bioinspiration – Overall term used when designers, inventors, and developers turn to biology and nature in the hopes of observing patterns, forms, features, and mechanisms that help in solving problems.

Bio-Inspired Design – Using nature as inspiration for technical products without copying its mechanisms directly.

Biology – The field of science that researches and analyses living organisms and vital processes.

Biomimicry – Mimicking nature’s principles in technical solutions with an emphasis on sustainability.

Biomimetics – Mimicking biological mechanisms directly in technical devices

Bionics – Taking inspiration from biological systems and applying those principles to technical problems without mimicking them directly. Usually referred to when talking about prosthetics or humanoid features.

Green leaf close-up

Nature – All living organisms, inanimate objects, and environments on planet Earth that are governed by the laws of physics.